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Print version can be viewed as pdf online or in print at various locations around Bemidji.

Fresh, a little edgy, and family friendly – just what Bemidji needs!

July 14 – July 30 pdf issue HERE

June 30 – July 16 pdf issue HERE


Printed issues are available in various high traffic areas around town. Print issues are also available to download from the Issues page. If you’d like to have some newsletters at your place of business, let us know (


Use your mobile device to view Events online. View the online listings by day or month. Search the listings by date or keyword.


Submitting events is easy and free. Get the link to our submission form and helpful info on the Submit Events page. When you submit an event, you should upload an image as well. People will always see your image with your online listing, but sometimes a good picture makes it into the print version, as well!

Be sure to plan ahead so your event gets listed!

Deadline is July 10 for July 14 – July 30 issue
Deadline is July 24 for July 28 – August 13 issue
Deadline is August 7 for August 11 – August 27 issue

Even if you miss a deadline, you can still upload or email your event to WUB so that it’s in the online version!


pink lady slipper

Pink Lady Slipper,
Original Photo by Thomas G. Barnes for the USDA Forest Service

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